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Friday, 16 March 2007

Tonights show

Well well well, that was a very very entertaining hour of television indeed.

Obviously it was always going to fast paced, and have less focus than the real show as they had to fit so much into a 1 hour slot. As well meet the candidates, the Sir Alan Sugar introduction etc. I thought it worked really well though, it was nice to see Sir Alan wasn't looking up or on level terms with the celebs, he shot them down straight away which was great television.

I think it was a masterstroke by the producers/Comic Relief to get the likes of Karren Brady, Alistair Campbell and Piers Morgan into the show to give the celeb version a businessspine to it because if it was full of pop stars, it wouldn't have worked but because there were high profile figures, there were a lot of reputations on the line which Sir Alan wanted to lay into.

Piers and Alistair were always going to clash and I have to credit Alistair for staying composed and laughing it all off, he knows his PR well of course. It was nice to see him to tell Rupert straight off that he didn't want him to smoke in the suite, I think that sent Rupert off the rails. He never looked comfortable at all did Rupert, he was totally out of his depth. I think that will heavily affect his reputation, walking out of a charity gig.

Ross Kemp and Mauren Lipman were pretty quiet too, maybe because of the editing perhaps as most of the drama came from Piers/Alistair/Karren/Trinny/Cheryl. So the actors and actresses were more reserved, maybe they were thinking about their careers.

I haven't been a fan of Cheryl Cole in the past but she was probably one of the most down to earth in the show. I loved her look to the camera after Trinny said she went detoxing with a Russian doctor of her's. I was thinking the same thing as Cheryl!

Great to see Tim Campbell appear in the programme. Not many people know about Tim as The Apprentice Series 1 wasn't really known about much, but he was a class act in Series 1 and it was a wise move by the Boys Team but I wonder if he was just called in by the Production Team?

Overall, the boys were much more creative and had a better business plan but the girls just had richer contacts and that clinched it for them. I couldn't believe their figure for Food and Drink, especially when their 'Food Restaurant' was empty, but as Trinny said, wine sales did it for them.

I think Comic Relief does The Apprentice was really enjoyable. It was good as it could have been seeing as it was a one off. Good list of candidates, good task, good celeb appearances, plenty of drama, tears from Trinny, cheque books flying around, seeing Sir Alan smile and the boys shocked faces at the end and it still isn't over!

More Comic Relief does The Apprentice from 10.35pm onwards on BBC One as part of Comic Relief - The Big One.

What did you think of the show tonight?

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