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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

It's nearly here!

It is officially the 28th March 2007, and at 9pm, the new third series of The Apprentice will be screened on its new home of BBC ONE, followed by You're Fired on BBC TWO.

Sorry its been a bit quiet on here the last day or two, I guess its just been the lull before the storm as the next few weeks will be mad on here with the show going out every week.

Expect full analysis on each episode -

- who was the star performer?
- did the right person get fired?
- if not, who should have got the boot?
- quote and moment of the show

and much much more. There will be a 'Sir Alan mood meter' throughout the series here on the Blog, measuring the mood of the Boss as each episode goes by.

This blog will really cater for your every Apprentice need.

The build up has been perfect in the press for this series and expect many plugs for the show in the papers this morning (Wednesday) and the fallout on Thursday morning will be interesting to look out for.

I'm so excited that its nearly here. Please do keep on checking back to the blog and supporting it through the series.


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