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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Piers is fired!

I'm back after watching an all nighter of Comic Relief!

After some wait, we eventually found out that Piers Morgan was the member of the Boys team to be fired by Sir Alan Sugar.

It was pretty bizarre seeing laughter and jokes in the boardroom - even Sir Alan chuckled at one point! The confrontation between Alistair and Piers was brief, but still powerful and I really wonder how these two get on, off camera.

Ross Kemp didn't open his mouth once, and he was hardly in the main programme either, just like Jo Brand on the Girls team, thank goodness for the characters like Alistair/Piers/Trinny/Cheryl that kept it strong.

Alistair made the right choice in bringing in Piers and Danny back into the boardroom with him. I love Sir Alans typical swerve at the end when it looked like he was ready to draw the curtains for Alistair but ONCE he said 'however...' you just knew it was going to be Piers who was going to get fired. Sir Alan said 'You are fired' instead of the usual 'You're Fired!' which was a little and probably, pointless observation by me. I don't think Piers first words in the Boardroom on the first day telling Sir Alan to hurry up as they were busy people, really helped his relationship with Mr Sugar. Alan never forgets things like that.

Highly entertaining, right to the end though with Alistair getting a last cheeky dig in at Piers by saying 'again' after the words 'you are fired' were said by Sir Alan. That was definately the laugh out loud moment of the Boardroom scenes.

The show went down well in the studio too. Even Jonathan Ross commented on how millions of viewers watched The Apprentice last night. Jonathan also mentioned how he is a huge fan of the show and I hope he can get Sir Alan on his chat show as a guest again, because Sir Alan was great value when he was on last time.

Overall, in my opinion, Comic Relief does The Apprentice has been a huge success and has been quality viewing. The Apprentice is now officially mainstream and as I said in a previous entry, just wait till Series 3 arrives and the chance to build its rating week by week and it'll blossom. A show like The Apprentice thrives by word of mouth, so I expect the new series to be huge and the BBC must expect it too, putting it on BBC ONE and 'You're Fired!' in a great slot at 10pm straight after.

The countdown to the Series 3 begins now and keep on checking the blog for updates as the big day, March 28th draws closer. Expect in depth coverage here at The Apprentice UK Blog, there will be regular updates so keep on coming back!

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Thanks, and check back tomorrow for more Apprentice UK goodness!

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