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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Part 2's rating...


After a late night of Comic Relief last night, I bring you a very tired Saturday afternoon report!

I have just got my hands on the overnight ratings for Comic Relief and the results are simply brilliant.

It is as follows *remember these are overnight ratings so can change slightly before they are fully confirmed but they are right enough)* :

10.30-10.45: 7.6 (39.3%)
10.45-11.00: 8.4 (48.1%)
11.00-11.15: 8.0 (51.4%)
11.15-11.30: 7.4 (52.2%)

They started building up Part 2 of Celebrity Apprentice from 10.35pm. The first block from 10.30 to 10.45 got a 7.6 but more importantly, the rating GREW as it got later (maybe people waiting for The Apprentice)! The next block of 10.45 to 11.00 received 8.4, a huge increase in figures, at such a late time, maybe they were still waiting? Then eventually, The Apprentice came on about 11pm, which received a stunning rating of 8.0 and an astounding share of 51.4%.

Better yet to come though. The cut it in half so they came back to it a few minutes later in the 11.15-11.30 slot. The rating fell 0.6 to 7.4 (which is still awesome) BUT, the 11.15-11.30 received the biggest share of the night at an amazing 52.2% apart from late night slots from 1am that got bigger shares but theres no other competition at that time.

The 6.6m viewers from Thursday night's show were always bound to tune back in the next night to see who got fired, and also, there were bound to be new viewers found on Comic Relief; the casual viewers who would add to the rating.

To get 8.0m (51.4%) and 7.4m (52.2%) in its slots is excellent for The Apprentice.

It raised a huge amount of money for charity too which was superb so it was a success story all round.

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