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Friday, 23 March 2007

The countdown continues...

Sorry about a quiet day on the blog today, I have been busy so this is the first chance I have had all day to update!

The 28th March is edging even closer so its getting very exciting. I can't wait and the press have made such a big deal of building up the new candidates and the show itself, so that adds to all the excitement. They know how big Series 3 is going to be.

The official BBC website for The Apprentice has had a slight change. They have placed a picture of the 16 candidates with Sir Alan right at the front of them all and it says 'coming soon'. With all the added features like podcast and behind the scenes footage online, the website will be a lot better this year. is to sponsor the new Apprentice magazine, an article is here.

There isn't much in the press today apart from more Tim Campbell stuff, and more profiles on the new candidates which are everywhere now so no point in reporting all that again.

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Check back soon for some news on a previous Apprentice contestant...

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