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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Syed Ahmed - 'Hot Air'

Here is the press release for Syed Ahmed's new show on Sky One :

"Twofour has been commissioned by Andrew O'Connell, Factual Commissioning Editor, and Sky One to make "Syed Ahmed - Hot Air", a new one hour observational documentary focusing on the highflying, smooth talking entrepreneur of The Apprentice and Sky One's Cirque de Celebrité fame.

Syed has already taken everything Alan Sugar can throw at him and come up smiling. He has braved the physical stresses and dangers of the Big Top and bounced right back. Now Syed Ahmed is about to face his biggest challenge of all. Because this time his reputation as a businessman is on the line… along with £20,000 of his own money.

After a succession of setbacks, Syed has come back with an ambitious, revolutionary idea that he hopes will make towels history - The Vortex Body Dryer. But Syed's on a tight schedule and a limited budget. In just three months he has to make the project become a reality by finding designers and engineers, taking out a Patent, putting together and testing a prototype, sourcing manufacturers, and most importantly selling the idea to businessmen and entrepreneurs.

O'Connell explained: "Everyone knows Syed Ahmed's got the gift of the gab, but now it's time for him to put his money where his mouth is. This is a fantastic opportunity for the viewer to see how Syed operates and whether he's really got what it takes to make it big."

Joe Houlihan, Executive Producer for Twofour added "this is an exciting challenge for Syed, he's up against it in terms of time and space to manoeuvre, and I think they'll be plenty of fireworks along the way."

It sounds like an excellent concept for the show. I can't wait because I think Syed is such a character and he always entertains. Good luck to Syed with this.

Sky tell me that it'll probably be aired in June. Put it in your diaries!

More Syed News

Syed runs a city based IT Recruitment firm, specializing in IT and the financial markets - Magenta Partnerships which he launched last year. It has been a successful years trading for Syed's firm and due to the sheer volume of business the website is being updated.

Syed has also launched a Media/PR company SyedAhmedLTD, and an updated website will be launched in the coming weeks

Syed also regularly appears on Sky News paper review – where he reviews up and coming paper reviews with a celebrity panel.

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