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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Ask The Apprentice #1 - Paul Tulip

In a few feature to arrive The Apprentice UK Blog, we'll be giving you the chance to ask a few past Apprentice contestants a few questions!

This week, the man to answer the questions in 'Ask The Apprentice' is...

Mr Paul Tulip!

Paul was a legend in Series 2 of the show, and his double act with Syed was pure gold. He has been kind enough to let you all ask him a few questions. Paul is a busy man so only a really tiny amount of questions will go through to him - as we don't want to hassle him too much!

If you want to ask Paul Tulip a question, post it in the 'comments' to this entry or email me at and the odd few questions that are the best will get passed onto the great man himself.

Thank you, and start getting your questions in!

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