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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Meet The Girls Team

This is the Girls Team for Series 3 of The Apprentice UK. I'll list the name, age, qualifications, career and home town - for more profile details, just visit the BBC link above.

Jadine Johnson
Age: 27
Qualifications: Banking Exams
Career: Financial Advisor
Home town: Harrow, Middlesex

Dr Sophie Kain
Age: 32
Qualifications: PHD, Theoretical Physics
Career: Quantum Physicist
Home town: Llanellen, Wales

Natalie Wood
Age: 29
Qualifications: MBA, Open University
Career: Housewife with a Business Degree
Home town: Upminster, Essex

Katie Hopkins
Age: 31
Qualifications: BA Economics, MBA
Career: Global Brand Consultant
Home Town: Exeter

Ghazal Asif
Age: 23
Qualifications: Highers
Career: Business Development Manager
Home town: Glasgow

Kristina Grimes
Age: 36
Qualifications: BSc Hons Mathematics
Career: Pharmaceutical Sales Manager
Home town: Harrogate

Gerri Blackwood
Age: 33
Qualifications: BA Hons, Tourism
Career: Transport Development Manager
Home town: Woking, Surrey

Naomi Lay
Age: 26
Qualifications: BA European Studies
Career: Advertising Sales Manager
Home town: Vauxhall, London

  • They look all suitable for The Apprentice experience! I'm glad they haven't gone for 8 bimbos as it would have made a joke of the show, but Sir Alan would have walked away if he saw that it was going down the entertainment route.

  • Who will be the new Michelle? Who will be the new Jo? There must be a Badger amongst them too eh? We'll find out in the coming weeks...

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