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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Meet The Boys Team

This is the Boys Team for Series 3 of The Apprentice UK. I'll list the name, age, qualifications, career and home town - for more profile details, just visit the BBC link above.

Tre Azam
Age: 27
Qualifications: 2 A-Levels
Career: Marketing and Design Consultant
Home town: Loughton, Essex

Rory Laing
Age: 27
Qualifications: BA Hons Product Design
Career: Bankrupt Entrepreneur
Home town: Bristol

Andy Jackson
Age: 36
Qualifications: Diploma Retail Management
Career: Car Sales manager
Home town: Kirriemuir, Scotland

Simon Ambrose
Qualifications: MA Economics, Cambridge
Career: Internet Entrepreneur
Home town: Clapham, London

Paul Callaghan
Age: 27
Qualifications: BSc Engineering Physics
Career: Ex-Army Lieutenant
Home town: Southampton

Ifti Chaudhri
Age: 33
Qualifications: BSc Product Design
Career: Company Director
Home town: Egham, Surrey

Adam Hosker
Age: 27
Qualifications: BA Hons, Sport Managment
Career: Car Sales Manager
Home town: Blackburn, Lancs

Lohit Kalburgi
Age: 25
Qualifications: Bachelor Of Commerce
Career: Telecoms Manager
Home town: London

  • A lot of 20 yr olds in this Series, normally its made up of quite a lot of 30s +.

  • A Ex-Army Lieutenant and someone whose career is a 'Bankrupt Entrepreneur'. Quite a mix. Plenty of confident people in that bunch, it will be fun seeing them clash.

  • Phew, well thats it for now, I deserve some dinner after all that. More coverage later on the news released today. Check back soon!

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