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Friday, 16 March 2007

Last nights rating

Last nights show was backed up with an impressive rating! Comic Relief does The Apprentice bagged a rating of 6.6m viewers, with a share of 30%.

This totally dominated the 9-10pm timeslot and it proves the The Apprentice will surely find the move to BBC ONE from BBC TWO pretty easy as in the current market, 6.6m is a great figure.

Just imagine when Series 3 starts and it has the chance to build on it's audience week by week. The Apprentice has always had so much potential and I think Series 3 will be received so well by the mainstream. This may just be the series where the majority of casual viewers latch onto the show.

The Beeb will be very pleased with the rating, considering that the other Comic Relief spin off show, Fame Academy, has only been managing to get just over 4m a show. It leads into tonights event brilliantly and I can't wait.

Remember, the second part of Comic Relief does The Apprentice looks like it will be from 10.35pm onwards but if I hear that its going to change, i'll post up a message as soon as possible.

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