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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Michael Parkinson slams The Apprentice

The Mirror have reported that Michael Parkinson has hit out at The Apprentice after a trailer was aired on his Radio 2 show.

The Mirror article reads :

Parky, 72, hit out after a trailer for The Apprentice was aired on his show.

He said: "I have an aversion to that programme. I find it very distasteful. It's full of vulgar, loud people who, for all the wrong reasons, are dobbing each other in."

Parkinson, right, said of Sir Alan: "When he tells someone 'You're fired' what's funny about that? You're fired. There's nothing funny about that."

Parky loves a good moan thesedays. Maybe its because The Apprentice is rising in the ratings battle while hardly no one watches his show anymore? Not everyone wants to watch Billy Connolly or Dame Edna do the same thing on his show every series.


Bobby Mimms said...

Loving the comments about Parky moaning. Made me laugh! I enjoyed tonights programme (04/04), look forward to reading your entry about it

Anonymous said...

I agree with Parkinson.

Elliot said...

Parkinson is the single most boring individual in history. I suppose there's always al jazeera english for him to fall back on, they always need people.