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Monday, 2 April 2007

Episode 1 reaction

From what i've read, and heard back off the blog readers, everyone seemed to enjoy episode 1 of the new series. The big fear was the show 'selling out' for the big move to BBC ONE but it stuck to what it does and it pleased the viewers.

Every newspaper tv review I read poured heaps of praise on the show, especially on Sir Alan. Many have even said its worth the licence fee alone, which I totally agree with.

Tre Azam has made a lot of the headlines and some people may not like him but he is fantastic for the show, he'll give it an edge and it gets the press talking about the programme which then gets more people watching the show. The elements of good business, humour and madness could all be spotted in the first episode and it'll all blossom in the coming weeks.

I have been telling everyone I know who have not yet seen the show, to watch it. They watch it and love the intial draw of Sir Alan Sugar and then later, they appreciate the other parts of the show. Its such a watchable show thanks to the people at talkbackTHAMES who do a superb job at putting it all together and editing it to a high standard.

What did everyone think of the show? Did it match expectation?


Anonymous said...

I Think The Apprentice Is Really Good...
Tre Is A Lil Rude But He's Good
Simon Is Cute
Katie- I Like Her But She's A Lil Snobby Nd Gippy...But Sir Alan Thinks She Is Just Rite 4 The Job!
Who Do You Think Should Win??

Anonymous said...

Sugar's a real cunt!!

Anonymous said...

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