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Monday, 2 April 2007

Episode #1 rating

I'm back folks. Sorry for the extended break but its been a busy couple of days.

I'm here with the rating of episode 1 of The Apprentice from last Wednesday. The show received a rating of 5.0m viewers, with a 22% share of the audience.

The first episode of the last series attracted only 2.5m so its a big leap, but the move to BBC ONE explains that. I expected a steady rating of something around 5m but the test is will the rating rise or not for the second episode? The Apprentice has always grown in numbers as the series goes on week by week so it is going to be very interesting.

The Apprentice is a like a bug, once you have watched it, you can't stop watching it. Word of mouth helps a show like The Apprentice too. I expect the rating to gradually rise in the coming weeks - especially when all the candidates are all well known,

The Apprentice - 'You're Fired!' on BBC TWO started with 2.1 million viewers and an 11% share which is really good for BBC TWO, and that was probably only watched by the die hard fans so this figure will pick up too when the casual viewers started getting involved with the show more.

They are encouraging numbers and the main thing is that The Apprentice won the 9pm-10pm slot out of all the channels, which will keep the Beeb happy.


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